Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

Travel Agent

If you’ve never used a travel agent before, you may wonder why you would benefit from doing so. Even if you love travel planning, working with a travel specialist can result in less stress, great little extra touches, and more time to get excited for your trip!

Value for Money

Travel agents have strong relationships with suppliers, which often leads to the best value for the client. Room upgrades, welcome champagne upon check-in, airport transfers included in the price – just a few examples of how a travel agent can make your money go further. You don't pay more to use a travel agent.


Your travel agent is there for you before, during, and after your trip, giving you invaluable peace of mind. If something goes wrong, your agent will step in so your vacation has limited interruption.

Personalized Service

An agent listens to your travel wish list and helps you define what you want to get out of your vacation. They can then craft your ideal itinerary and personalize your experience by putting their knowledge, contacts and own experiences to work. They’ll know what you can expect ahead of time and can make special requests on your behalf.

Professional Guidance

A lot of online travel deals can appear too good to be true and many are. Working with a travel agent ensures that you are adequately informed and prepared.


Travel agents are real people so you can travel confidently knowing you won’t be relying on a hard-to-reach customer service center or an automated sequence in the event that you have questions or need assistance. We are here when you need us.


They do the work for you, saving you invaluable time spent scouring the internet for travel deals. They make your trip planning hassle-free by researching your best options in airfare, accommodation, car rentals, airport transfers, and activities. You’re more likely to look forward to your trip when you haven’t been left disenchanted with the planning process.


The option to pay a deposit and the rest of the payment later helps you take advantage of special promotions/offers without having to immediately pay in full. Also, there is no fee for using my services.

Exclusive Access

There are a lot of value-adds that consumers may not know about. Travel agents have access to lower pricing as well as special perks and benefits that can save you money while at the same time enhancing the quality of your trip. Wondering why the couple in the next suite got a welcome basket and you didn’t? They probably used a travel agent.

Travel Experts

Travel agents are extremely knowledgeable and well-informed about destinations around the globe. Having visited many themselves, agents can offer travel tips and insights into your destination.

Passion & Commitment

Travel agents love what they do. They are passionate about travel and thoroughly enjoy putting together the perfect vacation for their clients. As your travel agent gets to know you, they will be able to make your trip more personalized. A good agent is able to inspire you to visit destinations you’ve never heard of or simply get you more excited about your next trip.

Travel Agent Myths

It costs more to use a travel agent

Nope! The travel agent has built relationships with reputable travel suppliers to provide competitive pricing and upgraded value. You don’t pay more for the same product when you use a travel agent; you get quality and value, plus the added bonus of the agent’s personalized service. Furthermore, our travel suppliers work for us and you, not the other way around.

Travel agents just want to make a sale

A good travel agent prides themselves on customer satisfaction and integrity; repeat business and referrals are crucial to our service-oriented industry. So doing what is best for our clients is the best for us, too. We are passionate about travel and helping others see the world.

Consumers pay a fee to use a travel agent

Nope! Agents receive compensation for their time and services from the travel wholesalers with whom they work. This fee is already incorporated into the pricing and is not an additional charge, regardless of how you book. When you book online they keep the money, give little service, and you do all the work. So why not have a professional assist you and do the work for you?!

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